The Liquor Lab  brings the party straight to you whatever the occasion!
We can provide Mobile Cocktail Bars, Mocktail Bars, Champagne Ba
rs, Light Event Catering or even a DJ Booth; the Choice is Yours!

The best part? We cover the entire country! So wherever you are...

You can get your party started right NOW! With our NO MESS and NO HASSLE Service!



With over 20 years in the business, Chris is one man that is well renowned and well known within the bar industry. Working for large names and big brands he knows exactly how to wow the crowd with exciting flare techniques and exceptional Cocktails. Working along side his much younger and prettier business partner, what he lacks in long flowing locks he certainly makes up for in style and class. Chris is our Head Mixologist and front man in our Consultancy & Training services.


Don't let the youthful dashing looks of this tall, tanned Timmy J sway you! This book contains pages that certainly outweigh the cover! Our TJ has over 11 years of experience in both food and mixology. He is no stranger to the front line of entertainment and service. Timmy is the fun loving epitome of a people person. He deals with the drink, festival management and of course the party planning! For the last year Timmy has also been chief of Funkin Cocktails venue training program throughout the country.