The Liquor Lab tale started in 2016 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, when Friends & Colleagues Timmy and Chris, had the idea of converting a 1970’s VW van into a cocktail bar to ‘take the party to the people’. Follow their journey so far...

Our Story

When Liquor Lab was just a brainchild, we were both working in different jobs whilst occasionally teaming up on the same events. Between us we had worked in bars, clubs, pubs and travelling across the country but always for other people, never for ourselves.

One day we were driving to our 5th event of the week and decided we could be doing this but putting our drive and passion into our own project! We put our passion for Mixology, food and the road into a plan and started looking into Food Vans, Ice Cream Trucks and Camper Vans and thought converting it into a cocktail bar would be a really cool idea as there is literally none in the North! So after a short period of deliberation we decided it was time for us to follow our beliefs and try out our luck.


Meet Mable... Our four wheeled cocktail queen

Liquor Pride 1.jpg